A September full of history and drama

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The Wall (Preis Der Freiht)

Premiere: September 1st

Synopsis: Germany 1987. Two sisters and their children find themselves on different political sides in a rapidly disintegrating East Germany. Margot is a commander of the state security service and Lotte is with the opposition. A third sister shows up to reveal a secret on the eve of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Chain Reaction

Premiere: September 8th

Synopsis: An attempted robbery in a small store has a fatal outcome. After the robbery, a seven-year-old boy goes missing and an envelope with a lot of money changes hands. The lives of people who have never been in a relationship intersect violently.

Snow Lords

Premiere: September 29th

Synopsis: At the heart of this kingdom of struggle is Madonna di Campiglio, the “Queen of the Dolomites”, a giant with more than 150 km of slopes, 100 lifts and a desire to be the best. In the surroundings of Madonna di Campiglio there are three other ski resorts that do their best to steal the limelight from the “Queen”. And in this race against time and nature there is no room for mistakes. Through four episodes and the points of view of four individuals and their respective teams, THE SNOW LORDS will take us behind the scenes, showing us their dangerous and complicated task, where a fraction of a second in their timing can be crucial.

Spain: A Divided Land

Premiere: September 29th

Synopsis: In no other country in Europe has political polarization increased as much in recent years as in Spain. The economic crisis of 2008, the Catalan independence conflict and the current Corona crisis have intensified political and social differences to such an extent that the situation is reminiscent of the war slogans of the 1930s, when Spain experienced a bloody civil war. What caused this split in the first place? And to what extent is the future of Spain and all of Europe at risk? We accompany people who have positioned themselves on both political sides and show what is really behind the political and media uproar: Frustration, boredom and deep disappointment.

An intense journey through history is added to our great catalogue.

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