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The Wall (Preis Der Freiht)

The first premiere of September to impact and move is The Wall (Preis der Freiheit). This German production tells the story of three sisters in years of turbulence between 1987 and March 1990 in East Berlin, shortly before the fall of the greatest German icon that divided families and political positions, the Berlin wall.

One of them struggles to unravel the mysterious disappearance of her younger sister while facing the irreparable consequences of the Cold War. Get ready for a lot of action and twists in this breathtaking plot and feel a little of what this tense moment in the history of Germany and the world was like.

With 3 German television AWARDS and 3 NOMINATIONS, ‘The Wall’ is an unmissable and engaging series that awaits you in September here, in Europa Más.

Mocro Maffia

Another series that premieres its second season here on Europa+ is ‘Mocro Maffia’. This Dutch production with 1 award and 3 nominations at the Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf and winner in 2021 for Best Dramatic Series, brings an instigating plot about criminal gangs and power disputes.

Get ready to follow a story full of action, betrayal and twists of three best friends (Romano, Pencil and Pope) where the characters are pushed to the limit to ensure their survival. Together they go from petty to serious crime and embark on a journey of no return from crime.

Car History

If you are a fan of cars and adrenaline, September brings you here in Europe Plus the Historia do Automóvel or “Car History” series. This production delves into the fascinating history of the automobile, taking viewers on a journey through time, from the first models to the most modern and technological ones.

From the iconic Beetle walking through history in the automotive hall of fame to the high-tech, computerized AI cars. Discover the immortal four-wheel heroes of yesteryear and see the evolution of legendary cars.

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