New action and adventure series arrive in October in Europa+ on Claro TV+

New action and adventure series arrive in October in Europa+ on Claro TV+

For thousands of fans looking for a dose of excitement and adrenaline, October has arrived and you can’t miss these new releases full of tension, action and exciting twists.

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Chain Reaction 

One of the series that promises to surprise viewers is “Chain Reaction” (Der Überfall), an exciting plot that takes place in Germany and involves a group of criminals planning a daring robbery on a small store.

From this dangerous event a mysterious disappearance unfolds and the lives of the people involved will never be the same again.

The skillfully constructed script keeps the audience glued to the screen, following every step of this gang of misfits. With unpredictable twists and a breathtaking ending, “Chain Reaction” is sure to become one of the most energetic and engaging series of the month.

Senhores da neve

Another production that arrives with everything in October is “Snow Lords”, a series set in Brenta Dolomites, Trentino. In this electrifying plot, we are transported to a world full of mysteries and icy adventures.

Conspiring behind the seemingly peaceful scene of a ski resort, dark secrets and deadly dangers emerge, leaving the protagonists fighting to uncover the truth and save their lives in a daily challenge with Mother Nature and all her power. The beautiful landscape of the Alps serves as the backdrop for a series that combines action, suspense and emotion like few before.

So get ready to dive into a universe full of action, mystery and adventure. The new series arriving in October on Europa+ on Claro TV+ will transport you to exciting parallel worlds, where danger lurks around every corner and adrenaline runs wild. Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on exciting journeys and uncover surprising secrets. Stay tuned for all the news and prepare to be surprised by October’s premieres.

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