In May celebrate mom in Europa Más

In May celebrate mom in Europa Más

During May celebrate mom and enjoy the 19-award winning and 18-time nominated series has launched its eleventh season, which is now available in Europa Más.

In mother’s month it would be impossible not to bring to the table the most beloved BBC series and winner of Best Family Drama at the UK TV Choice Awards 2022, Call the Midwife (Llama a la partera).

A timeless and humanizing show

Behind the success and reach of Call the Midwife in the UK and around the world is a sensitive plot that tells the story of a group of midwives living in East London in the late 1950s, providing a human look from the perspective of women and their individual struggles in a society that is still learning to give women space to follow their dreams, whether they are mothers or not.

Watch the trailer here:

Celebrate mom and fall in love with each character

Each individual universe of the protagonists is revealed in the episodes while the stories of new mothers are contextualized and the involvement and affective bond of the midwives of the Nonnatus house with the families that are formed and lived there.

In May celebrate mom in Europa Más

Embark on this compelling narrative and don’t miss Season 11 of the BBC’s most beloved series, now available in Europa Más.

Also in may celebrate mom in Europa Más and enjoy the 2o21 Christmas Special. It’s December 1966 and there’s good news on the air. After a long engagement, Lucille and Cyril are excited about their upcoming nuptials and can’t wait to get married on Boxing Day. However, as the day approaches, nothing seems to be running smoothly, and the wedding ceremony itself is put in jeopardy.

If you like this successful series, that became the most loved BBC series in the UK read more about Call the Midwife in this blog entry.