Europa+ saves you from boredom this vacations

Children at home without classes? Not sure how to entertain them? We have the solution!: More than 400 hours of new content for the little ones and not so little ones. Find more fun, learning and adventure with all the new seasons and premieres in Europa+ favorite characters. Your kids will now be able to enjoy and learn this fantastic worlds in several languages: German, English and French.


K3 – new in Europa+

A Franco-Belgian animated series about Kim, Kate and Kylie; three normal girls living in an extraordinary world. Follow the adventures of these great teen pop stars on their glamorous world tour full of unexpected moments that will make them live hilarious stories. They will make your little ones sing!


Nils Holgersson – new magic adventures

After taunting a goblin, the mischievous Nils suffers a spell that turns him into a tiny being. This will encourage you to fly with Martín and his band of geese on a wonderful journey full of entertaining adventures and wonderful experiences.




New seasons of Mia and me, Maya the Bee, Wissper, Tip the Mouse and Miffy’s Adventures


What better way than to take advantage of the time to have fun and learn. We help you keep your little ones busy and practice new languages with all the new episodes of the characters you have seen before in Europe +.

The funniest little bee in the hive, Maya the Bee, has a new season available in Europe + you can’t miss it! Sing together as a family with Miffy’s Adventures, a charming bunny who lives in a little house with a red roof. The cute little mouse Tip is back in his little house with furniture made from lost and found items. Wissper, a seven-year-old girl with the ability to talk to the animals that visit her home.

Have fun with these and many more new episodes for the whole family, all included at no additional cost for you and your children to have a great time.