Give dad the best of Europe

Are you looking for a Father’s Day present? How about a Europa+ account for the most spoiled of the family? Subscribe today and start enjoying hours and hours of exclusive content of the best quality.


Let Dad pick what he wants to watch, when and where he wants it, all in his original language and with Spanish subtitles. Find the Europa+ app available for iOS and Android mobile devices, and also to watch on your SmartTV using Apple TV, Roku, AndroidTV or FireTV, or broadcasting with Chromecast or AirPlay.

Dad only has to sit on the couch to start watching unique series in Latin America. Here are some suggestions that we know he will love:


For dads who love crime and justice:

Bancroft Season 1 – UK

Start watching this great crime series about a brilliant detective looking for clues to track down and arrest a criminal gang after an unsolved case is reopened. And very soon, the premiere of the second season of 2020.

Bella da Morire – Italy (2020)

Police Inspector Eva Cantini is a strong woman who defeats prejudice, including her own. With the beautiful and mysterious backdrop of Italian lakes, the series addresses the issue of violent crimes against women, simply because they are women.

If your dad is a fan of reality shows, we have shows that will keep him entertained for hours:

Cliveden: A Very British Country House – United Kingdom

Cliveden House, a luxurious country home for the aristocracy and the super-rich, enters its busy summer season. An unexpected visit from future royal wife Meghan Markle provides invaluable publicity for the hotel. Step into the exclusive hotel in this four-episode miniseries.

Amazing Makeovers – Norway

For Dad to come up with great remodel ideas, we bring you closer to the all-can-do crew in the world of cabin remodeling. This series collects the natural and spectacular landscape of Norway. Amazing Makeover takes us on an incredible journey as this designer and his team transform, renew and infuse homes with life and beauty.

And finally, to relax and laugh:

Guilt – United Kingdom

Four parts of a story that will catch you with its black humor. Brothers Max and Jake are very different; Driving home one night, they accidentally kill an old man, hide their action, but others suspect that the death was not as innocent as it seemed and the lives of the brothers fall apart.

DAG – Norway

This marriage counselor has a cynical humor and a lack of hope for life. Dag is a couples therapist who believes that people should live alone. His walls of loneliness are broken when he falls in love with a woman as emotionally wounded as he is. The series takes us from absurd comedy to poignant situations.