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Grab your sunglasses and join us for Fiesta de Sol y Arena

The sun is shining and it’s definitely that time of year to hit the beach. So get those beach towels, sun tan lotion and sunglasses ready and head on down there with us as we take you for a sandy getaway to some seaside shows.


All this week we’ll be posting postcards from some of our talent that are based at the beach in their programmes, and we hope you enjoy the stunning scenery in the shows as much as we do. We can take you to some of the glorious hideaways of the Caribbean with Joanna Lumley or explore the crystal shores of Colombia with Romesh Ranganathan, not to mention the beautiful Nordic coastlines by the Seaside Hotel and the monster surf to be enjoyed in Portugal.

Check out our socials this week for more programme recommendations in our Fiesta de Sol y Arena.