July with adventure and mystery series

In July there are new adventure and mystery series from Europe Más on ClaroTV.

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Murders in… Season 3 – part 1 and part 2

Being among the TOP 3 most watched series in the Europa+ catalogue, ‘Murders in…’ or ‘Meurtres à…’ is an anthology of TV movies that brings intriguing new police cases to each episode. They are intelligent and well-constructed crime stories, sometimes with a hint of romantic interest between some protagonists, and set against beautiful French landscapes. Don’t miss the premiere of Assassinations Season 3 Part 1 on… on July 7th.



But the saga to unravel new police cases does not end there, this French action series full of mystery and elaborate crimes to be solved awaits you too with the premiere of part 2 of its season 3 on July 14th.

And the saga of new, first-of-its-kind cases continues with the premiere of Part 2 of Season 3 on July 14th.

Don’t miss these July premieres in Europa Más.


Classic Races

Also in the premieres of July in Europe, we have “Classic Races“. This documentary promises to take you back in time and take all viewers on an exciting journey to the most famous races in the world.




If you love cars and love incredible races like The Pikes Peak Hill Climb, Argentina Road Grand Prix and other legendary ones, you will love to know that they are present in this incredible documentary. Get ready to live the most exciting races in the history of motorsport and see real and original images of the vivid races that marked the history of motoring in the world.

Don’t miss these July premieres in Europa Más.