June of sighs and butterflies

In June 3 series arrive to bring your emotions to the surface. Below the Surface and The Alligator will make you grind your teeth in chase sequences, and Sisters Forever will take your breath away in a real and intriguing story.

Below the Surface

After the tense plot of a group of Danes who have the subway they were traveling in kidnapped by criminals in season 1 of Below the Surface, this incredible action series is back with its second season on Europe Plus. Below the Surface returns with the story of June, a former Danish fighter fighting for his country’s freedom. After returning from a battle in Syria against ISIS, he needs to face a powerful group of terrorists and get information about the death of his companions killed in battle. June’s path will face many obstacles and dangers in a journey that seems impossible to get out of it alive. This action series is now available in the Europa Más catalogue.

Don’t miss the second season of Below the Surface on Europe Plus, watch it here.

Sisters Forever

A drama to take your breath away, ‘Sisters Forever’ or (Sorelle Per Semper) arrives in Europe Plus with the incredible story of Marinella Torrisi and Costanza Maggio. These two girls attend the same school in Mazzara del Vallo, where they are confused by the teachers and from that moment the children’s parents discover an error in the birth of their daughters, whose identities have been switched.

Discover this true story of two girls born on the same afternoon, on December 31st, just 15 minutes apart. In the hospital they were mistakenly exchanged to their mothers, who raised them for 3 years without knowing about this mistake. When this truth is revealed, a peculiar story full of intense events begins. Watch now “Sisters Forever” here in Europa Más and learn about this real and moving story.

Don’t miss the premiere of Sisters Forever here at Europa Mais and watch it here.

The Alligator

Based on the series of books by Massimo Carlotto, ‘O Jacaré’ or (L’alligatore), it is filmed in the city of Padua, with beautiful landscapes. Its main protagonist is Marco Buratti, known as Jacaré. He is a former blues singer who was wrongfully sentenced to seven years in prison and lost his voice behind bars. But on this journey he acquired the knowledge to become a great investigator.

Filmed in March 2020 in Rome, before the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, “O JACARÉ“ carries an engaging narrative that will make you not take your eyes off the screen. Get ready for a mesmerizing soundtrack and a cast with a standout performance from Thomas Trabacchi, who plays a smuggler with a strong personality.

This incredible crime miniseries awaits you here in Europa Más.

Watch The Alligator here in Europa Más.