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Our January Picks: New Year. New Shows.

2020 is well and truly behind us and it’s time for a fresh start. And with a new year, we’re bringing you new shows to get stuck into in 2021. So get ready for some premiere titles available now, as well as some brand new episodes of series you may already love on Europa+.


For a thrilling murder mystery… They Were Ten – Available Now

They Wer Ten poster, click to watch nowBrand new thriller They Were Ten has landed on Europa+ this month. The French murder mystery is a contemporary adaptation of Agatha Christie’s masterpiece ‘And Then There Were None’.

Ten strangers are invited to a luxury hotel on a deserted tropical island. They soon realize they are completely isolated, cut off from the rest of the world and all means of communication, a scenario which rapidly becomes their worst nightmare. Why were they lured into this morbid trap? The answer lies hidden in their pasts, shameful events that they each tried to bury and conceal. In the end, there will be none left as one by one, they will become victims themselves, posing the ultimate question: who is the killer?

They Were Ten is directed by acclaimed directed Pascal Laugier, well known for his hit thrillers The Secret with Jessica Biel, and Ghostland, the best-exported French movie in 2018, released in 55 countries.


For lies, deception and manipulation in the world of international finance… Bad Banks – Available Now

Bad Banks poster, click to watch nowAfter being wrongly fired from Crédit International, a prestigious investment bank in Luxembourg, Jana Liekam (Paula Beer), a talented young investment banker, is offered a dream-job in Frankfurt under the supervision prominent Gabriel Fenger (Barry Atsma), Head of Investment Banking at Deutsche Invest. Suddenly, Jana not only has to give up her job, but also leave her boyfriend and his 5-year-old daughter behind.

While Jana quickly manages to impress Fenger and his team with her passion and ambition, she realises only too late that Christelle Leblanc (Désirée Nosbusch), her former boss at Crédit International, has secretly been pulling the strings and manipulating Jana to her own advantage. Soon, Jana finds herself torn between her new obligations and Leblanc’s relentless blackmail… will she and her career survive this merciless powerplay?


For some fierce French females fighting crime… Deadly Tropics – Available Now

Deadly Tropics poster, click to watch nowOn the tropical Island of Martinique, two cops are forced to join forces on multiple murder investigations. One abides by law and order, the other, with a much more liberal interpretation! That is, two free women with nothing in their way! Despite being total opposites, this duo will do whatever it takes to uphold the law on this island that has a personality all of its own.

This French dramedy series stars Sonia Rolland, Béatrice de la Boulaye and Julien Beramis.


For the armchair detectives… La Porta Rossa: Season 2 – Coming Soon

La Porta Rossa poster, click to watch season oneFor viewers that loved the adrenaline-pumping drama of Season One, you’ll be delighted to see the return of Leo Cagliostro in Season Two of La Porta Rossa coming to Europa+ this month.

Cagliostro, a man trapped in the world of the living after being killed in the line of duty, has discovered the identity of his murderer and rescued his wife Anna. However, when the time finally comes to cross the red door and leave the earthly life forever, events unravel which prompt Cagliostro to investigate many of the unanswered questions he still has. His childhood and upbringing. The true nature of the man known as Jonas who he crossed paths with in the spiritual dimension. And new evidence that presents itself in the investigation and prosecution of his killer. Time is against him and he is compelled to help those in danger, including his newborn daughter.

All episodes of Season One are available now to stream on Europa+.