A series to remember women their power

A Europa Más traces a portrait of women’s mourning for space, voice and freedom in ‘A different view’

Seville, the year of 1920, a recently industrial and patriarchal society where the expected and natural path of all women was to marry and their sons, never becoming part of the working community or having political voting power. This is the moment when Teresa arrived at the Moças Academy after fleeing from the assassination of the Spanish ambassador in Lisbon. Teresa, played by Patricia López Arnaiz, is a mysterious character, a woman in front of her time that fogged a secret past.

Seasons 1 and 2 are available on Claro TV+

The episodes of A different view focus on the story of the protagonists, who are adult and young women who are full of dreams and courage. They face limitations, judgments and rules that are the fruits of an oppressive and intolerant society towards women who take different paths than expected for a young family. Located between Madrid and Seville, it shows the most beautiful landscapes and architectures that recreate the city from this time.

‘A different view’ approaches the viewer of the feminine universe. With strong and enveloping characters, it reflects times of change that will mark the fight for the women’s rights. The series traces real situations that accompany this fight such as bullying, abuse, sexual orientation, machismo, conciliation or salary difference.

Winner of the ACE award for Best Female Character for Ana Wagener, Best Female Character for Patricia López Arnaiz and nominated for more than 7 nominations for the Íris Award, Another way awaits you in Europe But, start marathoning today!

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