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Shining the spotlight on Europe’s undiscovered documentaries

For anyone who’s a documentary lover, Documentary Spotlight is just what you need. With such a huge range of European documentaries available on Europa+, it can be hard to know where to start. But, on our social feeds we’ll now be bringing you selected titles in our Documentary Spotlight, highlighting the must-watch factual shows to satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

Whether it’s breath-taking natural wonders like Northern Woods or the epic adventures of Simon Reeve travelling across North America, the enthralling wildlife of The Green Zoo or simply following the everyday exploits of our feline friends in Follow Your Cat, we’ve got all sorts of natural world content for you.

If science and psychology is more your thing, separate the facts from the fiction on meat-eating, getting fit, healthy eating and cosmetic treatments in our Truth About series, or delve into the darkest minds in The Anatomy of Evil.

And if you like your documentaries to pump a little more adrenalin, watch Legends of Speed in the high-speed racing of Formula 1, the daredevil mountain-climbers taking on the world’s toughest ascents in Der Extrembergsteiger or the wave-chasers seeking the ultimate surfing conditions in Surfen in der Monsterklasse.

There’s all that and more coming up in our Documentary Spotlights in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled and your minds open.