Season sixteen of the German series The Rosenheim Cops

The Rosenheim Cops: An Unconventional Police Brigade

Season sixteen of the German series The Rosenheim Cops is now available in Europa Más. A crime and comedy series that recounts the exploits of officer Michi Mohr and inspectors Sven Hansen and Anton Stadler.

“Gentlemen, there is a dead body,” announces the Rosenheim police secretary, Mrs. Stockl (Marisa Burger), every time she sends Inspector Korbinian Hofer (Joseph Hannesschläger) and his colleagues to hunt down criminals.

Meet the characters of the series

In the sixteenth season of the German series The Rosenheim Cops you will be able to see very varied characters, such as:

  • Korbinian Hofer, the quiet and plump inspector, who likes to help his sister Marie on the farm during his free time.
  • Ulrich Satori, a hopeless flirt who was transferred from Munich to Rosenheim as punishment, and he doesn’t stop courting women.
  • Michi Mohr, a member of the volunteer fire department who likes to bowl.
  • Anton Stadler, who replaces his colleagues at the Rosenheim police station.
  • Miriam Stockl, the nice secretary who loves to gossip and sometimes cares more about rumors than her job.
  • Marie Hofer, sister of Inspector Hofer, a member of the city council and head of administration of a music academy.

Season sixteen of the German series The Rosenheim Cops

Filming locations for season sixteen

Almost the entire sixteenth season of the German series Rosenheim Police was filmed in southern Bavaria, the landscape shots are from Chiemgau, on Lake Chiemsee or in the Fünfseenland region southwest of Munich. Visitors to Rosenheim can identify old and new original filming locations for the series and learn interesting stories about the actors and filming.

Even the first few episodes were shot in the Rosenheim town hall, but after employees couldn’t find their files, the offices were recreated on the Bavaria Filmstadt site. The Ludwigsplatz with its beautiful St. Nicholas Church appears frequently in the series and the Max-Josefs-Platz, with its historic houses, and the city hall can also be seen often.

You will discover many crime scenes in the city because almost every house there has been involved in a criminal case at some point. Watch it now.