A glamorous spy drama set in the Cold War

Nyrkki: Shadow Lines new Finnish series in Europa Más, a series set in Helsinki, one of the most disputed territories during the Cold War.

In the 1950s, the hottest point of the Cold War was not Washington or Moscow. In the aftermath of World War II, the small Nordic nation of Finland found itself at the center of this global conflict.

Bordering Sweden and Norway and being a member of NATO and the then Soviet Union, Finland was situated between east and west in a strategic location that made it vitally important to both the United States and the USSR. If the country wanted to survive, it had to chart a course between the two superpowers, both willing to even go to war to take control.

Welcome to the world of Shadow Lines

Created by mother-daughter writers Kirsti and Katri Manninen, it is based on the actual struggle between the KGB and the CIA for control of Finland in the run-up to the country’s 1955 election. The top-secret Finnish task force known as “The Fist” (Nyrkki) is tasked with protecting the country’s neutrality, but when he breaks into the United States embassy to steal top-secret documents, things don’t go as planned.

Nyrkki: Shadow Lines new Finnish series in Europa Más Nyrkki: Shadow Lines new Finnish series in Europa Más

On the other side of the world, Helena (Emmi Parviainen), who is studying in the United States, is attacked by a mysterious assailant. She successfully defends herself, but her godfather Yrjö (Hannu-Pekka Björkman), deputy head of the Finnish Security Police, sends the glamorous Tabe Slioor (Jessica Grabowsky) to make sure she’s okay, but something else happens. than a simple review.

When Tabe decides to take Helena back to Helsinki, she opens a door that will take Helena on a journey both into the mysteries of her own past and into the dangers of Cold War espionage. Haunted by flashbacks to a childhood she doesn’t remember, she turns to Yrjö for answers, and when she doesn’t like the ones she gets, she decides the only way to find out the truth is to join The Fist. Helena knows that she has to put herself on the front lines if she wants to discover the truth about her past.

A premiere between reality and fiction

Fact and fiction mingle in the season’s 10 episodes as Helena and The Fist engage with real-life characters like Finnish President Paasikivi and Prime Minister Kekkonen. As the CIA investigates the murder of one of their own, the influence-seeking KGB general and The Fist fight to prevent either side from gaining an advantage.

Nyrkki: Shadow Lines new Finnish series in Europa Más Nyrkki: Shadow Lines new Finnish series in Europa Más

Shadow Lines new Finnish series in Europa Más

It’s a never-before-seen version of the Cold War, where for the first time the two factions are evenly matched and fight to make their influence felt. Fifties glamor mixes with dirty tricks, and Cold War affairs take place in fancy dinner parties and stylish homes.

In the real world, in the 1955 elections, Kekkonen won the presidency and led Finland for the next 24 years. The country was able to develop a market economy and keep pace with Western Europe while maintaining good relations with the neighboring Soviet Union until the end of the Cold War. Things worked out in the end for Finland, but in this Shadow Spies story, the characters won’t be so lucky.