Watch The Alligator in Claro Brasil

The Alligator’s justice begins on June 23th at the premiere of The Alligator (L’Alligatore) at Europa Mais.

Based on the series of books by Massimo Carlotto, ‘The Alligator’ was filmed in the city of Padua, with beautiful and surprising landscapes. Its main protagonist is Marco Buratti, known as Jacaré. He is a former blues singer who was wrongfully sentenced to seven years in prison, and lost his voice behind bars. But on this journey he acquired the knowledge to become a great investigator. Watch here The Alligator by Claro Brasil.

Filmed in March 2020 in Rome, just before the Coronavirus pandemic, ‘The Alligator’ carries an engaging narrative that will make you not take your eyes off the screen.

If you’re a fan of police stories and court dramas, don’t miss the premiere of this amazing police miniseries. Watch The Alligator by Claro Brasil.

Get ready for a mesmerizing soundtrack and a beautiful cast with outstanding performance by Giuseppe Battiston, who plays The Alligator and intense acting, and Thomas Trabacchi, who plays a smuggler with a strong and surprising personality, as well as other Italian films.