Introducing Europa+

Welcome to Europa+

Welcome, bienvenido, willkommen, bienvenue, and benvenuto! Allow us to introduce Europa+, the newest streaming platform launching across Latin America and the Caribbean dedicated to bringing you very best and latest European TV shows, all in their original languages, with subtitles in various additional languages as well. As passionate curators and fans of European entertainment ourselves, here at Europa+ we believe that on-demand access to the best programming should be available for everyone. 

Europa+ offers a range of European TV shows
From BBC Studio’s Doctor Who, to Mediaset’s Italian Crime drama Rosy Abate and Norway’s dark comedy DAG, Europa+ brings Europe’s most popular TV series together in one place.

Whether you’re an ex-pat from a European country that wants a taste of TV from home, or simply someone that loves to get their hands on a diverse range of international content to indulge in, we think Europa+ will have something for you. From award-winning British and French dramas to German documentaries, plus Italian culinary challenges and Nordic home makeovers, there are more than 1500 hours of shows from across the continent to binge at your leisure, plus a whole load of shows available in German, French and English to keep your little ones occupied. There’s a phenomenal amount of choice available right now, and we’re not stopping there! We’ll continue bringing you more great shows as soon as they come out of Europe.

Europa+ is available on iOS and Android devices
From mobile devices and tablets to streaming devices like Apple TV and Roku, watch Europa+ wherever you are.

Europa+ also offers a flexible viewing experience. Once you’ve subscribed you can watch shows on your TV using Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Fire TV. You can also watch shows on your laptop or computer through, or even on-the-go by getting the Europa+ app on tablet or smartphone, available for both iOS and Android platforms. You can even download shows on the app directly to your device to save your mobile data, making it even easier to keep viewing episode after episode when you’re really hooked!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to now where you can get started with a 7-day free trial of incredible European content, all at your fingertips within minutes. We can’t wait to keep you entertained!