May premieres in Europa Más

May of Mystery – Premieres of Europa Más

Police thrillers that will make your blood run cold

In the month of May, together with the cold and the onset of winter, Europa Más brings a dense climate of mystery with the premieres of Malaka, and seasons 1 and 2 of Kruk (Raven). Now available at Claro TV+.

May premieres in Europa Más

A policeman, a detective, an elite agent and a mystery.

Nominated for the Iris Awards for Best Actor 2020 for Salva Reina, Malaka invites you to enter an urban setting with beautiful filming locations in Spain, which brings together a corrupt police officer, an elite agent and a private detective to work together in a investigation into the disappearance of a girl in an impending faction war. Don’t miss the first season of Malaka, which premieres May 12th on Europa Más.

Adam Kruk, the dark crow.

Kruk (Raven) brings the story of police inspector Adam Kruk, who is sent to investigate a kidnapping in his hometown. On this journey he is faced with unresolved issues and his own demons from the past. This surprising action series from StudioCanal was nominated for the best TV Series 2021 by the Witold Plociennik award and premieres in Europe on May 19th.

Adam Kruk’s dark journey is not over.

Police Inspector Adam Kruk returns three years after cracking his last case in his hometown. But his journey continues with a new case and this time Kruk finds himself involved in an illicit smuggling ring with dangerous factions fighting for power and control in Podlasie. This dark, beautiful and unmissable series was nominated for Best Fiction Series 2022 and will have its second season available on Europamas on May 26th.